Sandwiches & Roll-ups


Lox of Love  12.25
Smoked salmon, raw red onion, capers, sprouts,
roasted tomatoes, bleu & neufchatel spread
served on your choice of bread.

The Concession 10.25
Tabbouleh roasted veggie sausage, arugula, smashed avocado
& roasted tomatoes served on a toasted baguette with your
choice of balsamic or grapefruit vinaigrette. 
Non-vegetarian option available.

Veggie Meatball Parmesan  9.75
Imported veggie meatballs with grated parmesan, melted
swiss cheese topped with home made tomato sauce.
Served with a side of salad or french fries.

All roll-ups come with lettuce, diced tomatoes, pickles & tahini dressing.
Add French Fries or Onion Rings

Chicken or Chicken Shawarma  6.00
Beef or Beef Shawarma  7.00
Falafel  5.00



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