Scrambles & Sides

All scrambles below come with Eggs Your Way!

Eggs Your Way ... 5.50
2 eggs OR tofu OR egg whites cooked your way.
Served with a side of home fries or wheat toast.  

Huevos Rancheros ... 9.50 (Gluten Free!)
Eggs with sauteed onion, peppers, cilantro & avocado
smash, topped with ranchero salsa & cheese.  Served
on corn tortillas with avocados, black beans & chorizo.

Iron Fist ... 7.50
Your choice of egg, tofu or egg whites.  Fava beans,
parsley, diced onicon & tomato.  Served with home
fries or wheat toast.

The Mediterranean ... 7.75
Grilled eggplant, tabouleh, spinach,
feta & black marinated olives.

Go Green! ... 8.75
Basil marinated portobella, fried green tomatoes,
fresh mozzarella & basil cashew pesto.


Applwood Smoked Bacon
Kafta Sausage
Veggie Sausage
Side Salad
Cheesy Grits
Home Fries
Fried Green Tomatoes
Fresh Fruit
Sweet Potato Latkas


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